Retail Marketing

If you don’t have enough inventory in enough storefronts in the right markets at the right time, it doesn’t matter how much consumer demand you can generate or how strong your brand might be: You’ll be leaving sales to your competitors.

The goal, always, is to maximize your sales and profitability. To do this, we utilize proprietary research tools and other means to provide extensive analysis of your existing retail network as well as the retail presence of your competitive set. From there, looking at the complete retail marketplace, we develop recommendations to increase your retail customer base, to increase your profitability per storefront, and to increase your efficiency in opening and servicing retail customers.

Beyond analysis and prospecting, we can, in conjunction with your sales team, build and execute cost-effective outreach programs that specifically target the right retailers for your business, brands and products, with respect to the region, season, supply chain considerations, and other factors.

The end result: Increased gross sales, increased margin, increased market share.