Public and Media Relations

Virtual, actual, traditional, digital, broadcast, print, endemic, non-endemic… Media goes by many names, is comprised of almost countless entities, and can be more difficult to effectively engage than ever. But media remains a leading influencer of both retail and consumer purchase decisions, and can only be ignored to your detriment.

Without the right access or approach, getting media coverage beneficial to your business can be a challenge. Positioning your business and products in the best possible light, in front of the right audiences, at the right time is a greater challenge yet. Our job is to overcome these challenges by leveraging our extensive experience in media (content, publishing, advertising and PR) and our long-standing, quality media relationships into positive publicity and sales for your business.

Through analysis of your brand and products, and their corresponding customers and markets, we can build a highly efficient media strategy for your business – one that maximizes potential and minimizes risk, matching the right stories with the right media to drive the results you need – helping you to avoid significant and costly missteps and manage more difficult situations that may arise.

As part of this service, we frequently include Affiliate Commerce program implementation as this is increasingly a driver of product placements and coverage and remains very cost efficient.